Considerations for Enterprise Agile Frameworks

If you are considering frameworks that help to scale agile product development across multiple teams, the 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Enterprise Agile Frameworks might help your thinking process. “This Market Guide provides a snapshot of this evolving market and insight into differences among enterprise agile frameworks.”

Gartner - Market Guide for Enterprise Agile Frameworks


  • The popularity of a given enterprise agile framework does not ensure it will suit your organization.
  • Organization’s culture, maturity and stakeholder needs should be taken into account for considerations.
  • External consultants cannot replace (can only augment) in-house agile team expertise.
  • No framework by itself can do the heavy lifting of culture change.
  • Scaling to enterprise agile will not only transform software development, but it will also transform the role software development plays in the organization.
  • Customized Scrum of Scrums has emerged as a leading “framework”. 

What is your thought on Enterprise Agile Frameworks?