Are you making things that People Want?

Each project/ team has their own mission to build up things or deliver value to related stakeholders. The end result is stakeholders get a better solution to do their work or solve their own problems. In the “Making things people want” blog, Des Traynor proves how problems people face rarely change, and focusing on the unchanged leads us to better outcomes. 


How to find out what people want:

    1. Care & understand the longstanding human or business needs. That sets the outcome people wants. It could be travelling without hassle or buying things with a frictionless journey.
    2. Care & understand how people are currently achieving that outcome, might be through some alternative ways.

How to make things people want:

    1. Improve upon the existing solutions. Is it easier to do financial services with a modern digital wallet than a traditional bank?
    2. Make it possible for more people. Can e-commerce allow more people to sell stuff with a much lower entry barrier?
    3. Make it possible in more situations. Social media let people be entertained in a relatively short period like when on a train or even an elevator.

Any other way to make things that people want in your project/ team?