Problem Solving with Visualization

Problem-solving is part of PM’s daily works. Problems can come from a variety of sources and relate to multiple parts of the system or organization. Sometimes, it can be tough to align with different stakeholders on a root problem and needed actions. Visualization comes to the place to foster collaboration and clarity for the team to agree on wise actions for the right problem.

Image by Firmbee on Unsplash
Image by Firmbee on Unsplash

Benefits of visualization:

    1. Help in the thought process as when we try to visualize the problem, we need to review the whole flow & double down on the details at the same time. It requires us to understand more clearly in order to compose the visualization.
    2. In addition, teammates can easily refer/ zoom in a specific area to discuss => Which fosters collaboration & allow people to identify all relations, sequences, connections in the same way. Misunderstandings can be easily surfaced & the team gain alignment and consensus on thinking process.
    3. Retain the knowledge/ key points as a map to approach step by step. aha moment from current state to the desired state

How to start using Visualization techniques:

It does not require a fancy tool. We just need a whiteboard or pencil and paper to capture the thought process and validate with more tangible materials. The team can collectively build up initial understandings about the problem in the 1st place. Then, continuously adjusting based on stakeholders’ feedback or new information arises. We also need to care about the related audiences and background context to put into the big picture. 

The measure of success is not having an aesthetic picture. The main purpose of this exercise is better communication and collaboration with teammates, stakeholders to solve the right problem at a time. That helps the team to move forward.

What is your opinion/ practical experience in problem-solving with visualization?

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