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Choosing a Career in Project Management

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Project Management is the most sought after skillset required by employers and sponsors today. PMI professional certification ensures you are fully equipped to excel in managing projects, programs or portfolios anywhere in the world.

Based on rigorous standards, pertinent research and real-world needs, our certifications are developed by practitioners for practitioners. Armed with a PMI certification, you will be highly regarded, as a capable professional able to adapt to any project management methodology.

Whether you are starting out in your career, advancing to another level of competency, seeking an active role in leadership, or mentoring, we can help. Find a certification to suit you here.

Project Managers

Starting out in your career, a certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP)® is a fundamental requirement for any practitioner.

Did you know, you can potentially earn more with a PMP certification? According to the PMI’s Earning Power Salary Survey, those with a PMP certification reap a higher salary, (20% higher on average)​ than those without.

Your performance will improve as well. More than one-third of project managers with PMP certification achieve original goals, completing their projects on time, and on budget. (Pulse of the Profession ®study, PMI, 2015.)

Feel confident speaking and understanding the global language of project management. Connect with a community of professionals and experts worldwide. Begin your path to success today and enrol now.

Program/Portfolio Managers

As a Program Manager you recognise the importance of managing multiple related projects to maximise benefits across all area is crucial to success. Now with years of experience, additional skills and leadership qualities to your credit, you are poised to take on new challenges.

The Program Management Professional (PgMP) ® certification gives you the credibility to advance your career to an executive level.

Equally, as a Portfolio Manager, you’re focused on aligning your organisations’ strategic goals across all programs, bridging the gap between strategy and implementation.

With a Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)® certification, you will be recognised for your advanced competency in the coordinated management of one or more portfolios to achieve strategic objectives.

According to our 2015 thought leadership report, Delivering on Strategy: The Power of Project Portfolio Management, organizations with mature project portfolio management practices complete 35 percent more of their programs successfully. They succeed more often and save more money.